The Elgin Middlesex Soccer Association with the changes to the Constitution at the most recent Annual General Meeting (September 30, 2018) are now able to accept Associate Membership from Soccer Organizations outside of the traditional membership structure in order to facilitate the growth of the game at the Recreational Local Level.

With the creation of the EMSA Tier III Club we are able to provide a league structure that will assist in facilitating a level of competition within a geographic area to reduce the amount of travel and a number of different opponents to avoid playing the same teams over and over again all season.

Registered and Non-Registered Clubs are encountering the same issues in certain age groups. Some players either quit playing all together or join a team which is outside of their playing ability. The initial format will be to establish a league with five divisions in each gender in each of the four geographical areas, North, East, South & West. Clubs within London will be joined with an area based on the distance and/or number requirements. Final areas and division set up will be determined by registration.

Any Registered or Non-Registered Club will be able to register a team of players to this club, there are no restrictions (minimums or maximums) on the numbers of players. Registered Clubs will also be participating in EMDSL Tier I & II following the same procedures as per prior seasons. Non-Registered Clubs will only be allowed to take part in EMSA Tier III. 


The divisions outlined in each gender will be U10, U12, U14, U16 & U18.  

The registration fee per player is dependent on the age U9 to U10 - $12, U11 to U12 - $13 and U13 to U18 - $15. These are the current standard player fees as listed on the EMSA web site.

Other fees and wordings will be posted on the website once it has been initialized.


Clubs will provide the playing field & equipment for home scheduled games.

Clubs will provide match officials for home scheduled games.

Clubs will provide team uniforms in the colors of the Club that they normally supply.

Registered Clubs will obtain the player registration value towards their EMSA AGM and SGM votes.


No scores and standings for grass roots divisions.


Please submit any questions to if you have any questions or concerns. If you would like a presentation at a board meeting we will be glad to come out.

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